About Us

In the Philippine fashion industry, there are a lot of new but very talented designers. We have been exposed to a number of designers and we have noticed that most, if not all of them, have hopes of creating their own fashion line someday. At this point in their careers however, certain barriers stall them. First of all, the main issue is where to get resources. Most of these designers have the talent but not the actual financial capability to start their fashion lines. Second, some may have the resources but juggling between having to manage finances, marketing their line and at the same time designing the collection and implementing it makes it tedious for these new designers. Thirdly, these new designers are mostly in there early twenty’s to late twenty’s, with no actual business or professional experience.

So how do new stars emerge in this industry? Some win competitions that make them famous. This is so far the fastest way to build a name. There are competitions in the industry that build talents. The Metro Young Designers competition and Project Runway Philippines are some of these competitions. Others are mini competitions and fashion events that need new designers to feature. Other ways to become known is by creating quality pieces thereby having people know about them and become their regular customers. This strategy though takes very long. It may take years before this designer could fly.

These designers need a faster, sure and more defined way to reach their dreams. We at Hot Young Designers believe in tapping new Filipino designer’s talents. We are here to give these new talented designers a chance to achieve their dreams!

If you want to get in touch with us, please email us at hotyoungdesigners(at)gmail(dot)com.